Our Organization

Bikini Beach Cat Rescue

All funds raised for Bikini Beach Cat Rescue goes towards low-cost spay/neuter clinics to help animal parents and caretakers of feral cat colonies in need of assistance. To date, we have done more than 7,000 reduced-cost spay and neuters of cats and kittens for the community.


About Us

All of our funding comes from fundraisers and donations by generous individuals like yourself. No one takes a salary; we are all volunteers. We need your support to bring down the number of animals surrendered to shelters, dumped in many neighborhoods, and even killed. Kittens that haven't even been conceived today will die next year unless we can stop this endless breeding cycle.  

What happens to kittens? Sometimes they are lucky to find good homes. However, if no home is available, the kittens are taken to a park or other area and released to fend for themselves. Those that survive eventually find other unwanted cats and kittens and a new feral cat colony is born. Others are taken to shelters and surrendered. Most surrendered cats and kittens do not have a good outcome due to so many cats residing in our community shelters.


Please help us stop the heartbreak of abandoned cats and surplus kittens born each year.

You can make a difference; it just takes the first step. Please donate to help us reduce the cost of spay/neuters in our communities and reduce kittens surrendered to shelters.

A national organization working to reduce cat overpopulation is 'The Found Animals Foundation', a Los Angeles based nonprofit funded by billionaire spinal surgeon Gary Michelson who announced a $25 million prize to the first entity to develop a low-cost, single-dose, nonsurgical method for permanently sterilizing cats and dogs. The Michelson Prize and Grants in Reproductive Biology made another $50 million available for related research. A sterilant that can be deployed in the field could enable local animal groups to break the breeding cycle with less money and fewer volunteers. There are many researchers vying for the prize who have received substantial grant funding from the foundation. In the last 10 -15 years, science has advanced on so many fronts that Executive Director Aimee Gilbreath believes a nonsurgical sterilant will be a reality this decade.

We are all working towards that day when there will be enough homes for all the animals. Visit: www.foundanimals.org for more information.